Monthly Archives: November 2016

I have SQL Agent Operators named ‘Alerts’ and ‘MSXOperator’.  I use the ‘Alerts’ operator for SQL Server native generated fatal errors.   Didn’t realize the MSXOperator was created on Target SQL Server Agent by the process of enlisting as Target to the Master.  Changing the ‘Alerts’ Operator from my Central Management Server worked like a charm, but the MSXOperator didn’t work.  The error message is “Cannot modify or delete operator ‘MSXOperator’ while this server is a TSX.”.  Of course I googled the error, others had the error but there were no answers.

The error is generated on the target but not the master when this statement is run.

USE [msdb]
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_update_operator @name=N’MSXOperator’,

Execute the statement on the master instance to change the email address.  In my case I was changing to a distribution group from my personal account.  Look at the Target from Manage Target Servers on the master instance.  The download instruction Operation of “6(RE_ENLIST)” is created and on the next polling will download the email address change to the target.


Check the properties of MSXOperator on the target server.  It’s been changed.  When you exit the properties you will still get the error message “Cannot modify or delete operator ‘MSXOperator’ while this server is a TSX.”.  That’s one of those SQL Server twitches.